Grower’s Edge ULTRA™


General Information

Introducing the next generation of Flo-Tec's successful product, Frower's Edge ULTRA™—a unique blend of our patented Grower's Edge soil treatment and the high purity, concentrated Fulvic Acid fraction from Humic Acid.

Together in the proper ratio, our proven soil components create a unique synergistic activity between patented Grower's Edge, which provides unmatched ionic soil conditions, the transport and holding or nutrients in the critical root zone, and the the proven enhancement of cationic exchange, soil aggregate formation and micro nutrient complexing that Fulvic Acid provides. This combination maximizes the soil's performance in the root environment.

  • Significant increase in cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • High micronutrient complexing capability with low molecular weight
  • Soil aggregating properties for better soil structure and aeration
  • Supports the growth of soil beneficial microorganisms
  • Directly stimulates root growth
Usage Rates

For best results an initial application of .5 gallons to the acre, followed by a thorough watering, is all it takes. Subsequent applications are recommended at 1 quart to the acre on a monthly basis. Grower's Edge ULTRA™ is compatible with most all turn grass chemicals and therefore can be tank mixed together to save time. Once in place, Grower's Edge ULTRA™ will hold any additional water, or water/nutrient/pesticide mixes in the upper area of the soil column, allowing them to supply maximum benefit to the turf.

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