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Tampa Bay Turf Argo Products Line

Agro Products

Agro Research International

Turf Guard
Broad spectrum bactericide, fingicide, insecticide, and nematicide
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Thyme Guard
Systemic bactericide, fungicide, virucide and insecticide made out of essential thyme oil
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Nem Shield Gold
Unique blend of liquid chitin and chitinosporus bacillus, which produces chitinase, an enzyme that degrades chitin – derived from shrimp meal
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Sea Tonic & Sea Tonic Gold
Significant yield increase in crops, nutrient content, less disease & drought protection

Sea Tonic Guard
Combination of Turf Guard (thyme oil) and Sea Tonic (seaweed extract)

Sea Tonic Optima
Available in Florida ONLY through Tampa Bay Turf
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Agro Gold
Plant growth promoting rhizobateria (PGPR)

Asco Root
Pelletized dry seaweed extract 0-0-20
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Osmo-Plus is an osmoprotectant liquid fertilizer derived from kelp and plant extracts.

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