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Tampa Bay Turf Indian River Products

Indian River

With Indian River Organics®, you will see immediate results as their premium quality products comprehensively address the 4 pillars of Plant Health: Elemental Nutrition, Beneficial Bacteria, Root Mycorrhizae and Plant Enzymes. Their patent-pending organic growing program will maximize your success!

Our Indian River Organics® Product Line
Liquid Fish Fertilizer


  • Lawns
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Seedlings and transplants


  • Our proprietary and all-natural fish fertilizer provides much more than N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) found in synthetic fertilizers.
  • This product provides a comprehensive mix of macro- and micronutrients, trace elements, minerals, amino acids, peptides, proteins, calcium and enzymes, all in a useable form perfectly suited for maximum efficiency of uptake for your plants and turf grasses.
  • Nitrogen from fish lasts longer when applied in this plant-friendly product! Other fertilizers provide an immediate blast, but are washed away and used up in just a few days. Indian River fertilizers penetrate deep in the soil, providing sustained-release nourishment for up to 15 weeks!
Superintendent Series

The superintendent series is formulated specifically for the exacting needs of the gold industry, delivering what you need most!

GTF — Greens, Tees, + Fairways
Bio-Carbon Soil Amendement

Download our “Bio-Carbon is NOT Compost PDF.

Indian River Organics Liquid Fish Fertlizer
Tampa Bay Turf Agro Superintendent Series
Tampa Bay Turf Superintendent Series Bio-Carbon
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